How a staff handbook becomes your business card!

When you google Bergler, the first sentence you read is “no-nonsense full-service ICT services. An apt but not entirely complete description of the ICT company, founded in 1980. Meanwhile, it has 350 people working for it, 20% of whom are permanent employees. A company with growth ambitions, a fine culture, strong mission and a good story. And that story could well be rewritten for their current, and future employees.

To us the honor of giving the staff handbook a major update.

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About staff handbooks


We come across staff handbooks with that year on the cover page. The handbook itself often runs tig pages of text, which only the bravest employees manage to work their way through. Many organizations view the document as a necessary evil, and thus, by definition, it often adds nothing. A shame, because a good employee handbook is super useful! Not only to refer to for 101 practical matters, but also as a business card for new employees and as part of the onboarding process.

This was also the case with Bergler. Therefore, we began with a series of interviews with stakeholders to get clear on what was the most important goal for them. That need was different everywhere else; Erik Wiechers, managing director since 2021, wanted it to be a calling card for Bergler. Mohmen, team leader, needed a document to refer to for recurring practical questions.

Much substantive information was already there. It was a matter of dusting, shortening, updating and visualizing. Adding their mission, values, pictures and a decision tree brought their story to life.

We spoke to Erik about the result and our collaboration

‘The result is super; now the manual is really being used. It gives clarity and makes for a lot less discussion or recurring questions. The handbook is used not only as part of onboarding and as a reference book, but already when recruiting employees, to clarify our core values, knowledgeable, together and down-to-earth and to give a good picture of who we are.

Feedback from our staff was positive. Most had not only read it, but actually checked it out. IT people are into details, so it was to be expected that we would have to knock on Bunchmark’s door again for some tweaks.

How did you experience working with Bunchmark?

Nice to work with a multidisciplinary team. Both the big picture and operational interpretation are all covered. Main and secondary issues are well distinguished. The Bunchmark staff is approachable, positive and constructive. Bunchmark is of the follow-through, no corporate bingo bullshit, but delivering results in a pragmatic way. And it is also affordable for companies like Bergler (large SMEs). Otherwise, we just don’t do it. Whether I would recommend Bunchmark to colleagues? Absolutely.

"Bunchmark is of the follow-through, no corporate bingo bullshit, but delivering results in a pragmatic way."

Erik Wiechers

Managing director


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