Not simply filling a position, but building for the future

Often an interim role is labeled ‘not ideal’. Rather, you build the future with a steady force. However, sometimes there is no other option. No company likes to leave the role of People or HR manager open for long. Especially with rapid growth, you first want to bring in temporary specific knowledge or skills. Or the organization first wants to clarify which profile fits the People role before filling it permanently.

In such cases, have the role of HR manager or specialist temporarily filled by Bunchmark. Why? Read it below.

Our approach is clever and pragmatic. We think in solutions but also switch with ease to a strategic long-term perspective.

Leanne Gaemers


Building a future

In all, we have filled the role of HR Manager for more than a century. As such, we bring with us a wealth of knowledge from different types of organisations, from corporate to start-up. Because we work at the intersection of interim and HR consultancy, we not only ensure that things stay up and running, but we also pick up problems and projects along the way, forming a strategy and a strong base for the future. Always with the aim of helping to find a sustainable solution that suits your organization.

One plus one is three.

To make an impact in a short period of time, we often fill the interim role in duo’s. We see what areas of expertise are needed and, based on that, form a duo within Bunchmark or with someone from our Bunch Community. For interim issues that are better filled by one person or in a specific area of expertise, we are also happy to use our Bunch community. In addition to the role of generic HR Manager, we have experts in the areas of: learning & development, reward, performance & development, (team) coaching, culture & change.

Our approach

We think in solutions but also shift gears with ease to a long-term strategic perspective. Never dogmatic: we don’t cling to “that’s the way it should be”, but rather build on the uniqueness of your organization.

Touch down
We like to be in places where a lot needs to be done. First we scan: what is already there, what works here and where do you want to go. Then we prioritize to this ambition. What do we grab and what don’t. Some topics we prefer to park and leave to the regular HR Manager or expert.

The advantage of working in pairs is that we have time to engage in day-to-day work as well as resolve project-based substantive issues. What these topics are is what we determine together, often by performing an HR scan.

The topics we grasp include:

  • design of the organizational structure with associated roles
  • improving the performance development cycle
  • honing the employer value proposition
  • upgrading the job matrix
  • advice on reward
  • shaping learning and development
  • the organization of your HR department and
    search for the appropriate permanent candidate

We move easily with what is needed and can scale up or down in intensity and hours. Our goal is to implement in such a way that the team can move forward on its own again. Thus, we never stay longer than necessary. Unless the lunch is really much better than at our office of course!


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