Coaching questions come in as many varieties as films and series on Netflix, so we have carefully built up a community of coaches with a diversity of backgrounds in addition to our in-house coaches. This way, we can always find the right person for both individual and team coaching processes. Work is the starting point – we are not so-called life coaches. We stand for professional coaches who don’t make it harder or more difficult than necessary and help to anchor new insights in different behaviour. That way, you or your team can achieve lasting change.

‘Sometimes you need to do less than you think and still make a big difference.

Feikje Dunnewijk


Individual coaching

A you lost in what you really want in life? Are you feeling out of balance or suffering from limiting patterns or negative thinking? Want to make more impact in your leadership?

A coach helps you achieve these goals by asking the right questions and providing you with the right tools. Within Bunchmark and our Coach Community, various specializations are represented (career coaching, millennials, executive coaching, performance, presence) with different approaches as well, think bodywork, NLP, systemic coaching and transactional analysis. This allows us to find the right person for every coaching question. All of our coaches are certified.

Because we combine coaching with other work, we know better than anyone that the business part of things is always involved. We provide an approach or trajectory that fits within your capabilities. Concretely, we often offer a short trajectory between 4 and 7 sessions. An alternative is a subscription, to be used when you need or when you feel the need to check in.

Team coaching

Start with ‘we’

Do you want to know how your team is really doing and work from there in a focused way? Or do you have a tough change assignment with your team? Sometimes you do everything right and things still don’t work out.

The Bunch team coaches have a wealth of experience in the profession and in organizations, in a variety of industries and systems. We like to look at the bigger picture. The systemic and anthropological approach is thereby guiding our team coaching programs.

We start a team coaching program with a comprehensive intake with the client to properly determine what is needed. Because it makes quite a difference what kind of team you are. We don’t dive under the iceberg right away, because sometimes something else needs to be resolved first. Sometimes you need to do less than you think and still make a big difference.


team building

The CEO of a small technical organization in the manufacturing industry engaged us, along with his new team, to get out of the red. We facilitated a 2-day session to build safety, mutual bonding in the team and make explicit what they needed to realize their ambition. Result: by expressing this with each other, it became clear that each individual in the team had an essential role in the realization of the ambition. Not only in terms of content but also what talent was needed. In addition, the ambition was not only sharper but also much more concrete.

'the next step'

A young professional in a scale-up organization wanted depth on personal talents as well as drive and dream. During this coaching, we explored, clarified and translated this into concrete directions and opportunities with corresponding actions. This young professional could begin to shape his direction and actions connections to the new insights.


An Engineering Director within logistics needed to guide his team through change and a difficult time in the organization. He also wanted to reflect on what he himself wanted in this changing setting. He got clarity on how to relate to the group management which gave him much more support and space.

team coaching

Within a professional services organization, we facilitated a team in slicing the elephant in the room. We helped them address each other on desired and undesired behavior. By starting with the individual rather than the team, it became apparent what each team member values. With those perspectives, the common standard was worked on and everyone's contribution became more effective and focused.