About Bunchmark

Bunchmark consists of a bunch of experienced HR Professionals

All with a track record in start- and scale-ups, family businesses, large corporates and consulting firms. We bring a range of backgrounds, expertise, skills, insights and unique personalities. With our products, we target scale-ups and midsize companies with the ambition to grow. We find each other in the experience of our profession and the pleasure of moving clients and their businesses forward. We set our standards high and are wonderfully matched to each other.

The team
Our mission

Let’s build a fair playground for all people to sparkle at work.

Bunchmark believes in the power of your employees. After all, they make the growth of your business possible. We now know that working to create an equal, transparent and inclusive context is a key condition for employees to ignite their full potential.

Ready to build this “fair playground” together? The Bunch is waiting for you. We bring the fresh air to fuel that fire.


Natasja grimbergen


Marja Willemsen


Leanne Gaemers


Sacha Entius

Bunch officer

Auke Swinkels


Kasper O'Brien


Irene Oerlemans


Mara Schutter


Feikje Dunnewijk


Ardea Zijlstra


Marieke Mannaerts

Bunch officer


This is in our DNA


We have the courage to stand for something, or for someone, even when it gets tough. We drop bombs now and then, with humor and playfulness. Sometimes that is necessary in order to move forward. We challenge, but with an eye for the people involved.


We look at what is already there and build on that. We make it small, bright and fresh. Thinking in solutions, less in models. Surprising on content and the quality of our work. We get it done


By giving space to every voice, we create an environment where everyone feels safe. We are not surprised by anything, everything can be there and matters. Space allows us to get closer.

Start with 'we'

We are curious about what another person needs and find each other in this. Connect hard and soft effortlessly. Make impact by bringing together the knowledge and people within the profession, this is when one plus one becomes three.

Bunch Community

A bunch of coaches and HR professionals

Over the past few years, we have been connecting and building our Bunch Community. A cool group of People professionals and coaches we work with. All with their own specialties in, for example, Reward, Learning & Development, Performance Development, Culture & Change or generalistic HR Managers. This way we can always bring in the right person for your HR question, even if it can’t be done directly within the permanent team.


Start with 'we'

Simon Sinek woke up many companies with his book 'Start with WHY'. His message, back in 2009, is that in communicating with employees, purpose and the WHY must come first. People are much more attracted by this message than by more functional messages (what and how). Lees meer

Father no! Listen

Paternalism and normative thinking brings companies little. It creates stagnation, idea poverty and organizational inflexibility Lees meer

We want more color

Bunchmark consists of a bunch of HR professionals. Many women, but with a bunch of backgrounds, expertises, skills, insights and ridiculous habits. And that's fine! After all, diversity is sometimes nice and usually inspiring. Lees meer

We kill models

Icebergs, Ulrichs model, 9-grids, circles of influence, change steps models, deep democracy, holacracy, scrum, talent development models, high impact HR operating model. We know them, and draw inspiration from them, but we use them how we like it. Not that they are not useful, but because we look past the idea that one size fits all. Lees meer
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