Tradekar is an international buying and selling organization of mainly automotive after-market and caravan and camping related products. They supply both wholesale and retail markets with a wide range of car and caravan accessories.
With bike carriers and caravan arranging systems under their own label, they have since gained European fame. Because they are always developing and growing, they now have 7 brands with which they offer a broad aspect of the automotive market.

By the way, a nice discount on such a bike rack was not the reason we were so excited to get started at Tradekar. Why, then? Because it is a real family business, for more than 40 years. Founded by the current director’s father. Informal, with an open culture and with a demand for help that is right up our alley.

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The challenge

Within the team, there was ambiguity about the content of positions. There was a great need for clear job descriptions and a clear division of duties and responsibilities based on these functions.

The approach

We started creating job profiles for all employees by holding work sessions with all departments. In the work sessions, we identified daily and infrequent tasks and discussed what knowledge and skills were needed. We also conducted individual interviews with a number of employees. During the interviews and work sessions, employees indicated that they would like to see more attention paid to looking ahead and development instead of looking back in the appraisal interview.

Once the job profiles were finalized, we worked with management to design a Tradekar job center with a transparent salary structure and salary growth policy. To support development conversations, we have designed a conversation cycle.

As a kick-off, we held a feedback workshop on site with the entire team, in which employees used feedback cards to give each other feedback and receive feedback. Based on this, the employees made an initial start on their own development plan.

'Professional and pleasant cooperation. The implementation of the project went smoothly'

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