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About Bunchmark

Bunchmark is an innovative HR agency focused on developing people and organisations.

Our HR agency helps scale-ups and small to medium-sized businesses succeed and deliver on their growth strategy. Our focus is to get the best out of employees and teams by shaping HR and people management in an inspiring and effective way.


Need a People manager or specialist quickly?

Let us fill the role temporarily. We offer both interim and HR consultancy services to ensure we keep daily work running, get HR up to speed and create the fair playground in line with your ambitions. Our approach is pragmatic, so we can easily switch to a long-term strategic perspective. We always aim for a sustainable solution that suits your organisation.


We offer individual and team coaching programs.

We offer individual and team coaching programmes. In addition to our internal coaches, we have also carefully built up a community of coaches with a diversity of backgrounds. This way we always find the right person for both individual and team coaching. All our coaches are professionals who do not make it harder or more difficult than necessary and help to anchor new insights in different behaviour.


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