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RNW Media has gone through a number of organizational changes in recent years. One was the transition to a project-driven organization. Due to changes in HR and changes in the organization, there was a need for structural tactical/strategic support on HR. An interim role in addition to the current HR Officer. The goal? Streamline daily operations and support the HR Officer, advising the Management Team and sparring on strategic HR projects.

The honor belonged to Kasper. His first Interim job for Bunchmark, and for that reason alone a project to remember.

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About RNW Media

Even before a new owner stepped in and with it new (international) growth ambitions, Mepal had grown rapidly in a short time, from 50 to 130 employees. The HR department needed help in getting the basics right, but also in strategizing the future on a number of People topics.
A challenging job, precisely because of that combination of practical support and strategic advice. Fortunately, we like those jobs best.

The Case

RNW Media wants to become a future-proof organization that knows how to respond to current events from HR. In addition to their HR Officer, they therefore needed an HR professional who, in addition to streamlining the day-to-day operations, would put HR on the map at the strategic level.

Our approach

Kasper started working two days a week as an interim HR Advisor. Thus, in no time he became part of the organization and saw exactly where his added value lay. On the one hand, he was full in the day-to-day operations of the organization, and the presence of their HR Officer also gave him the space to address strategic issues. These include adjusting the organizational structure, picking up on recruitment policies, and setting up processes more efficiently.

In short, an interim role can be beneficial for several reasons. In this case, Kasper was an addition to the team. This allowed him to both structure and think strategically in his role. Moreover, with Kasper’s arrival, they brought in not only his expertise and experience, but that of the entire Bunchmark team. And so no challenge is too big and no one is ever alone!

"After the departure of 2 HR managers shortly after each other, Bunchmark managed to provide calm and stability on an interim basis to then help strengthen the HR team structurally. Upon completion of their interim job, we had a team ready for the challenges of a rapidly growing company."

Rutger de Korte

Managing director


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