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Is it a prejudice that feelings and needs are more easily talked about within one industry than in another? If so, Software developers would most likely fall into the “difficult talker” category.

But at Ambrero, things are different. The software company started 18 years ago under the leadership of Jelle van den Berg and Bart Matthaei. They work with entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries on complex digital innovation issues. Both at international organizations, non-profit and SME.

Interview with Elisa Kossen and Bart Matthaei.

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Since 2017, personal development and autonomy have been high on the agenda. To encourage autonomy and facilitate feedback, squads are created. Each with their own responsibilities and cases, such as improving sales or HR solutions.

Bart explains:

‘We think it is very important within Ambrero to work on creating a culture where colleagues feel comfortable holding each other accountable for work and results. Not just on areas for improvement, but also when they observe that someone is developing or doing well.’

Although they immediately notice that the team is eager to learn and enthusiastically participate in self-development activities, giving feedback does not come naturally to everyone. In 2021, Bunchmark will be called in to do something about it! First, by getting a focus on what was standing in the way of the desired development. With this focus, Bunchmark went to work. On the one hand, through a series of trainings in which colleagues discover and make concrete what they want to develop. They also learn to hold each other accountable for what they can improve and what they so admire in each other. On the other hand, by implementing tools, such as intervisions and a clear drumbeat, for example, that Ambrero will be able to work with on his own in the future.

This marks the first big step, but the biggest challenge is to continue that growth. ‘We have grown from unconsciously inept to consciously inept laughs founder Bart. ‘Now we are going to become consciously competent.’ The role he plays in it is exciting at times. You want employees to develop without forcing anything on them. But organic personal development is different for everyone. So how do you achieve a culture where everyone can hold each other accountable without hard frames? Elisa Kossen, Marketing & Communications Specialist at Ambrero therefore called into being the “Work Happy Squad.

‘Everything is voluntary, only then you can be sure that people will stand up for change and start getting results. As head of the Work happy squad, I keep asking myself; what do employees need? We test to check the need and tailor the approach accordingly’

In short, an Ambrero is a company full of developers where there is plenty of room for personal development and where colleagues clearly articulate what team members are good at and where they can develop themselves. That is something they should be enormously proud of, and we at Bunchmark are honored to have been able to contribute to it.

'It is very nice that Bunchmark has all the disciplines in house. They are a one-stop shop. Thus, they were able to provide exactly what Ambrero needed. Moreover, it was by mutual agreement. They brought the expertise, we brought the knowledge about the business. Thus, the result became a strong co-creation that completely matched our needs.'

Bart Matthaei

CEO and co-founder of Ambrero Software B.V.

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