Growth is an understatement

In 2013, Diane Janknegt and Theo Huibers founded Wizenoze. This AI-driven startup filters your Internet for relevant and safe educational content.

In 2020, they received a big capital injection and Diane joined the first batch of the Techleap Rise program. This catapulted Wizenoze from startup to scale-up, improving technology and realizing their international growth plans.

Despite the pressure, Diane realized that the people’s side could not be left behind. “The first few years we did everything the way we thought we should, but that didn’t work anymore. We needed a firmer foundation to grow. To give the team the confidence that after years of growth, we were far from finished.”

Job Matrix & Reward.
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The challenge

‘Building the framework to grow’

Wizenoze has an innovative and diverse team of 40 employees working out of Amsterdam, London and India. Due to rapid growth, Wizenoze’s current functions were no longer fully compatible with future ambitions. There was a great need to build a consistent foundation.

This base had to consist of:

A future-proof job matrix with insight for employees into their horizontal and vertical growth opportunities and development needs. This job matrix was also the basis for salary scales and a salary benchmark, including decisions on variable pay. A personalized performance management cycle that aligns with the Wizenoze way of working and corporate culture.

The approach

The job matrix and reward policy were first on the agenda. Using interviews and job descriptions, we sought answers to the question of what defines success at different levels at Wizenoze. And what the required problem-solving ability is for the different roles. With that, we were able to customize a job matrix based on the STYR method.

A reward strategy was developed based on the job matrix. We did this using a benchmark study: what do competitors in the labor market pay? And also looking inward: what suits Wizenoze and their stage of growth? Together we developed salary scales, a bonus – and promotion policy.

In the final phase, we started working on performance development. We obviously did a good job of researching what Wizenoze considers important in the assessment cycle. We started from what was there and used these tools and systems as a starting point. With all this, we created a unified assessment cycle for Wizenoze and helped them in its rollout.

"Bunchmark showed us that there is no 'one size fits all' solution. They guided us with setting up ground rules and in providing the framework for our job matrix. Then, in sessions with Marja and Irene, we tailored everything to our specific Wizenoze situation. The result was a truly appropriate job matrix. They absolutely delivered on their promises".

Diane Janknegt

Founder Wizenoze

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