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In the coolest building in Utrecht you’ll find Channable, founded eight years ago and now grown into an international, fast-growing scale-up with a team of more than 200 professionals.

When we step inside in early 2022, the organization has just secured a major investment, and so the company is gearing up for the next step. In terms of product development, overseas ambitions and, nice for us, their people management.

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The challenge

Channable is a young company with a strong appeal. The fine culture, freedom and development opportunities were decisive in the early years in attracting and retaining employees. But as the company grows, salary begins to play a larger role. Moreover, with the recruitment of many new employees, there is a need for more frameworks for a job matrix and salary structure based on a good benchmark, with support from experts. There has also been skewing of job titles and salaries.

Channables current framework needs more underpinning, functions need to be re-mapped and based on that there needs to be a clear job matrix with market-based reward strategy.

The approach

True to the Bunchmark book, we started with the touch down to get to know the company well. In a kick off session with the project team (founder and CEO, growth manager and HR manager), we first looked at Channable’s strategy and growth ambitions. We then conducted interviews with all members of the management team and the OR

With all this input, we worked with HR and the team leads to classify all the positions in the matrix. For this we use the STYR method where, for classification, you look at problem-solving ability and degree of autonomy in the role.

We linked salary levels to the matrix by using benchmark data and looking at internal ratios. The final step was getting the HR manager ready to take over from us by owning this methodology. She can now classify and rate positions herself in the future, quite handy in a growth company!

"Bunchmark asked us the right questions throughout the process. Of course frameworks of the project are kept, but they also dare to ask questions about our decisions or things just outside this framework. That just added value".

Rob van Nuenen


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