From the outside in.

When a company like wants to work with you, it feels a bit like having a celebrity sit next to you on the train. You act like it’s the most normal thing in the world, but you still hope extra that your hair is right.

Fortunately, Carola Boer, Director of People & Organization Development at and Irene went way back, and the collaboration felt immediately familiar.

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The challenge

Growing fast means your people processes have to grow with you so you can scale them up. needed help evaluating its development and reward cycle, and in doing so it wanted to be inspired by scenarios for a new cycle.

In addition, help was needed in sharply defining the problem and getting clear from whom the problem actually was (from the People department, line managers or employees). sought support because they lacked capacity themselves and to bring in expertise and best practices from outside.

The approach

Design thinking, also within People&. Right within People& you could also say. We started by examining and defining the problem and whose problem it actually is. Was it a People& problem and did they fail to scale the current cycle? Was the current development and reward cycle unclear to employees? Or was it mostly line managers and MTs who were missing something in the current process? Bunchmark started asking questions. To various people from different groups and departments. We turned the insights into hypotheses, examined them and submitted them to Carola and Brieke.

We then established design principles. As a third step, we worked creatively and pragmatically toward a number of scenarios. We brought in best practices and looked at scenarios in working sessions with Carola and Brieke. At first just to inspire and later increasingly to test for feasibility within the unique context.

After determining a feasible global future scenario, we began phase two of the project. Our Bunchmark partners were replaced by a purebred Bunchmark project manager from our Community. He turned the chosen scenario into a project and took it from A to B to really make it work.

"In the future, if we need a partner again who will keep us on our toes and challenge us from a different perspective, I will definitely call Bunchmark again.

Carola Boer

Director People & Organization Development

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