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Hard work, but with your heart!

Not often do you come across an assignment like the one at Public Support. Not one, not two, but five Bunchmark HR professionals were able to contribute their expertise for their ambition and (HR) goals. Through Public Support’s trust and the freedom they gave us, together we created a dynamic entirely in line with our mission:

Building a fair playground to ignite all people to sparkle at work.

Public Support is secondment organization in the public domain with a beautiful employer vision “Work with your Heart. And we do, together. Hard, with our hearts.

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The challenge

This rapidly growing organization needed to professionalize and merge all HR related roles for scalability and innovation. With several people functions, but without a clear team, there was a lack of line and a clear vision.

The question: what is needed in terms of HR vision and capacity for our changing organization and how can we better position ourselves as an employer? They also needed help putting down their HR team.

Our approach

Feikje and Leanne started with the People scan. The outcome formed the basis of the advice for moving the HR organization forward. Then they took on the new position of HR director interim and started working with the team. From the approachable and inquisitive board, they have been given a firm seat at the table, giving the assignment added impact.

Under the umbrella of this central role, we rolled out a number of projects, a
survey and held a number of workshops with employees as a start to further developing the employer brand.
A proposal for the new HR department; People &. The “&” here stands for communication, culture and facilities. Feikje and Leanne are now working toward this with the team.

Mara helped the recruitment team get some innovative initiatives underway and in support during the vacation season and Linda, a member of our Bunch Community, picked up everything around learning and development. She reviewed development programs, clarified communications and introduced innovation.

In addition, the Survey found that there was a great need to clarify the Public Support job description. This is what Bunchmarker and function house expert Marja has been working on for the past few months.

"The choice to take a step further in being an employer and to be truly distinctive in this was partly shaped by Feikje and Leanne. It's incredibly nice to engage with people who can draw from broad and specialized experience to bring this to fruition.

Not only did they help us well in setting the HR strategy, but certainly also in implementing the new HR department with the right leadership. In addition to a sharp EVP study and a clear job description. The interventions that were necessary in this process were timely and correct to get us on the right track or keep us on it. Looking back to when HR leadership will be transferred to a permanent colleague, I can't help but be very satisfied and proud of the role Bunchmark played in Public Support."

Casper Venema

Managing Director

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