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Developments within the logistics industry don’t stand still for a day, and so neither does Coyote. As part of UPS, Coyote is committed every day to delivering smarter supply chain solutions and strategic insights to optimize transportation and shipping.

You need bright minds for that, and they had them at Coyote. The relatively young team consisted of professionals of many different nationalities. To increase the management skills of 30 middle managers beyond their knowledge of the profession, Coyote introduced the “From good to great” leadership program in early 2020.

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The challenge

Coyote is a growing and ambitious organization and increasing demands were being placed on the management skills of its managers. The group of 30 managers was relatively young and inexperienced in management. Moreover, they had to deal with many different cultures. Coyote flew in Bunchmark’s expertise to further develop its leadership program ‘From good to great’.

The approach

We developed and implemented a European leadership program for all of Coyote’s middle managers. Every six months a new group started who received online training, lunch & learns and in-house training for three months.

To conclude a 4-week program, “Good to Great Reflection”; in small groups we taught them to create a safe base to reflect on and work on their own leadership. Themes such as influence styles, feedback, time management, self-confidence came along in theory and practice. The managers defined their own leadership challenge and were coached on it. In this, they learned to do it with each other, even after the program ended. The result was a learning culture that Coyote could build on.

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