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PGGM investments in Zeist is part of the cooperative pension organization and the organizational unit that invests the collective pension assets. They do so not only in a cost-effective manner, but also with attention to socially responsible returns.

Bunchmark has been working for this section since 2020, and that’s not a day that’s boring, because different departments need a variety of People services.

This question is playing out within PGGM’s infrastructure-investment team. We went to work there on building a learning culture by creating a career grid, a customized mentoring program, onboarding and various other learning programs. All of this contributes to the development of professionals and is completely customized for each function to the main differentiating factors.

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The challenge

PGGM’s infrastructure investment team is growing rapidly. The team is primarily focused on developing technical skills within the direct profession. With thus insufficient awareness on the of importance of personal development and communication. In addition, there was a strong drive among employees to develop quickly through career advancement but it was not sufficiently clear to them how to achieve a promotion.

The approach

First, we started with a thorough examination of everything that was already there. We took that as a starting point and was the basis for building appropriate solutions. We developed new tooling for PGGM and provided practical advice on the use of these tools, for example with workshops for managers and employees. With this, the collective learning started immediately.

In addition, we made explicit what leadership means in a learning organization.
Step by step and with the people on the team, so that the team could grow with them.

With this approach, the department made a shift from learning you do “only” outside the door to learning is also using the wisdom within the organization. They now have enough tools and help in hand to keep doing this themselves in a rhythm. New employees are inducted faster and loyal employees keep each other on their toes.

"What I find strong about Bunchmark is that they involve employees in an inspiring way in designing the new approach. And then provide intensive guidance to jointly implement that approach. Through this way of working, Bunchmark has created continuous change within PGGM Infrastructure where personal development is central to the work."

Erik van de Brake

Head of Infrastructure

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