It began to take notice; every Bunchmarker who stopped by iChoosr came back with a big smile. So by now we unanimously agree; cool company and nice people. But what do they actually do at iChoosr? They help people and businesses accelerate their energy transition. Thus, they match supply and demand for renewable energy products with their user-friendly platforms. In it, they set the bar high; by 2035, they want to have helped 2 million households install a renewable energy product.

In short, not just nice people, but a mission-driven company where we got to work with a team of no less than four Bunchmarkers to build the leadership skills of their brand-new middle management and implement their cultural values into the organization.

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The challenge

To prepare the organization for growth and scalability, iChoosr recently added a new layer of middle management. Almost all of these managers have moved on and are therefore new to a management position. This created a great learning need on their basic leadership skills. In addition, the Leadership Team noticed that some cultural values had not yet been properly implemented in the organization.

The approach

We organized and supervised a number of training days. Feikje and Chérie spent two full days training the new managers on basic management skills. Here we were able to draw well on our teaching materials from the First Time Manager Track. Then Feikje, Chérie and Auke organized a work session with all managers to start concretizing behaviors that fit the aspirational values. Then, in two groups, they trained all managers on how to give feedback, where we got to work with actors to practice with real-life case histories.

In short, full days that included many leadership facets. But that turned out to be the ideal recipe for iChoosr. Their enthusiasm and group dynamics created a leadership pressure cooker where everyone reinforced each other. And thus gave every Bunchmarker a fat smile!

In the next phase, Chérie will work on peer review with all First Time Managers.

What top days and what a top team you had put together. Totally the right tone, setting and challengers for us. Look back very satisfied and really glad we started this journey with you."


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