Dutch Culture

At Dutch Culture, they are not involved with tulips and young mature Gouda Cheese, but with cross-cultural collaborations. It is a small international organization with 45 employees. Dutch Culture advises on cultural cooperation with more than 23 countries. They help realize cultural ambitions and represent artists in a wide variety of arts such as music, dance, paintings, and so on.

So an expert when it comes to external cultures, but now it was time to look inward. Bunchmark was flown in to scrutinize their internal culture.

Culture & Change

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The challenge

There was unrest among employees at Dutch Culture after changes in the organization. As a result, collaboration within teams did not always run smoothly. Cause (and effect) was that employees did not know where they stood. This resulted in employee dissatisfaction and high turnover.

The approach

First step was a targeted survey to ask about the various issues that were causing unrest. In a series of sessions with staff, we further explored and prioritized the outcomes and then presented them to management. In the follow-up session, we brought employees and management together. All issues were named and justice done.

Now it was time to say goodbye to the past and together take direction for the future. The organization then followed up on the direction and intentions in an appropriate drumbeat. Values have been explored and elaborated (Dutch Culture Code), performance management has been set up and managers have been trained. This has brought much more clarity and focus.


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