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What do you do when the filling of the HR function within your company does not go as smoothly as you would like for a while? Due to unexpected downtime, uncertainty about the start of a new HR manager or last minute changes? In such a situation, HR Support on an interim basis is the way to go. So too in the case of Transparent. Transparent is Europe’s leading provider of Account Payable Recovery services. In terms of what? A company all about helping customers optimize purchasing and payment processes through the combination of data and expert knowledge.

But that’s not what we came for, we came for HR!

HR Support
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The challenge

Transparent’s HR Manager left and there were uncertainties about a successor. It was decided to put someone temporarily in the HR position until then. In doing so, Transparent ensured that there was no empty desk in HR and that peace of mind was maintained around all HR processes. And that’s where Bunchmark came in!

The approach

Jurriaan took on all the duties of the HR manager in 3.5 days a week. That includes continuing all HR processes across the board: recruitment, onboarding, payroll, case management and off boarding. He also advised on supplementing travel reimbursement through a bicycle plan. Meanwhile, the search was on for a new HR Manager, and it was found! As of May 1, he handed over the baton to the new HR manager.

And how happy she will be! Instead of the work having piled up for three months, she enters a structured organization, where she will be inducted by Jurriaan for another three weeks. Only then will they be rid of him!

"'I am extremely satisfied when I look back at the support we received from Bunchmark and in particular from Jurriaan.'"




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