B Corp

We are building a Fair Playground.

Bunchmark is B Corp certified. That means we are part of the B Movement and are committed to changing our economic system every day and making a positive impact on all stakeholders – employees, communities, customers and our planet. How we do that you’ll read below!

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What is

B Corp

B Corp, or Benefit Corporationis a certification for companiesfocused not only on profit maximization, but also on achievingpositive social and environmental impact. The B Corp certification is granted by B Lab, a global nonprofit organization. They designed a set of 5 pillars that B Corps should follow:

  • Purpose: B Corps have a clear mission beyond making a profit.
  • Governance: B Corps have a board responsible for the company’s financial as well as social and environmental performance.
  • Employees: B Corps provide good working conditions and opportunities to their employees.
  • Community: B Corps work with their local community to make a positive impact.
  • Environment: B Corps work to reduce their impact on the environment.

This video explains it exactly for you.

The B Corp certification encouraged us to increase our impact to increase our impact in the social sphere.

We have built social responsibility into our business model. Thus, we strive to balance our profitability with creating value for society.

B Corp x Bunchmark

Our B Corp Compass

Fair Playground

Let's build a fair playground for all people to sparkle at work. That is our mission and that is what we work on every day. For us, a fair playground is an inclusive, transparent workplace where there is room for every sound. Everyone should have equal opportunities and fair pay.


One of the conditions of equivalence is transparency. Only then can you guarantee and clarify that salaries, for example, are distributed fairly. Both to our customers, employees, suppliers and partners, we are open and transparent.

not for money

We work pro bono - in our field - for organizations making a positive impact. Thus, we are all committed to Refugee Talent Hub and their mission to help refugees find work in the Netherlands. In addition, everyone within Bunchmark is free to volunteer during business hours. And plenty of use is being made of that!

Start with 'we'

We make impact by bringing together the knowledge and people within the profession, then and plus one becomes three. We work from trust with our employees and involve our community and our customers in our social impact. Together, we make a difference.

Our goals

The B Corp Board

A B Corp stamp only becomes meaningful if we continue to look ahead and set goals. That is why there is a sign in the office, our B Corp Sign. On it, anyone can write ideas, goals and actions that will contribute to our mission to create a “Fair Playground” of every workplace in the Netherlands.

Looking in on the B Corp board? Or do you have an idea you’d like to share? Feel free to stop by the office!